Throwback Thursday – Selfie Confidence

Photo taken in 2008 From a very young age, I started hating myself in pictures. I couldn’t stand how huge I looked next to everyone else, how their flared, low-rise trousers looked so effortlessly cool and my men’s straight leg jeans just didn’t compare. I felt awkward, ugly and embarrassed and made every effort to […]

The Art of Sequins

It’s not everyday that you can wear this much sequins while still keeping a casual, chic look. Addition Elle really got it right with this gorgeous sequin hoodie! It’s the perfect mix of casual and glam and probably one of my favorite pieces hanging in my closet right now. Paired with a dark denim skinny, […]

I Weighed in Like a Wrecking Ball

In the spirit of Halloween, I give you Fat Miley Cyrus. My children are scarred for life, but it was worth it!  Ha. Credit to Addition Elle for the comfy and sexy, white, reversible neckline tank and white leggings (which unfortunately you can’t see in the pic) and apologies to my meat tenderizer and anyone […]

Fat or Flight?

     Should we really have to choose?  Can we not soar above the rest and prove to ourselves that we are beautiful even though we don’t wear a size 0?  It took me my whole life to realize that self-acceptance, or, FLIGHT, if you will, is indeed possible.  You may be thinking – Flight?  Seems like an odd […]