Winter Is Coming, And Coming… And Coming

So… It is March 30th and we’ve gotten yet another dumping of snow here in Montreal. It’s been a Westeros kind of winter, and spring is never coming. Never.

I ordered this awesome T-shirt dress from Boohoo a couple of weeks ago and (stupid me) had thought that the weather would actually be starting to get a little more spring-like by the time it arrived so I wouldn’t have to try and make yet another great dress look awkwardly cute with winter boots; but alas, here I am, all dressed in white, looking out the window at a vast sea of the like.

It is incredibly soft and comfortable – it feels so smooth against my skin. It’s just a plain oversized, boxy T-shirt with side slits, but I love how it manages to be so chic in its simplicity and so feminine in its straight lines.

I’ve left the silhouette of this flowy frock uninterrupted and decided against a belt, as I had originally imagined wearing it; and instead chose to accessorize with this gorgeous art deco style, short  necklace, cuff bracelet and hand chain with jade detail. Also, I’ve spared you all from having to see me in my salt stained, slightly deformed looking, unintentionally tri-colored Ugg boots; and in lieu, I’ve paired the look with my favorite flats, from Forever 21.

Since I’m still rocking the straight hair look, (in a very scientific experiment to see how long I can actually go without washing my hair before my husband asks for a divorce / an attempt to preserve the straightened hair that I know I cannot reproduce without professional assistance) I’ve topped off my ensemble with one of my new Babooshka Boutique turbans, in this fantastic nude shade, which just so happens to look amazingly cool and effortless with my temporarily straight locks, despite the constant effort required to keep it from sliding up the back of my unfortunately, flat head.

Ironically enough, I almost feel like my look could find itself a place somewhere among the hustle and bustle in the city of Qarth, which I suppose is better than how I feel right now – a murderous White Walker trudging through a land of endless ice and snow.  It may be a never ending winter, but I suppose it could be worse.  I could be a Dothraki woman.  (Although, I wouldn’t mind getting manhandled by Khal Drogo just a little, if he were still around…  Yum!)


Ahoy Matey!


Nautical themed clothing has been around for ages, and we all know the stereotype of the miserable, long faced kid, who’s been forced into a sailor suit (even though he is much too old for it) by his overbearing mum (often wearing a matching outfit) for a family portrait… Right?

Well… This look, while having a sporty, nautical vibe, is far from being the sailor suit in an awkward family photo. The striking navy and red color block “Marcie” dress from Monif C. is sporty yet sophisticated. I’ve paired it with lovely, white patent leather flats from Aldo, and gold jewelry to really anchor this look’s feel without going overboard.

Having at least one fantastic nautical look in your wardrobe is a great way to ensure that your transition into spring will be smooth sailing!

The Power of Tribal Print

The Power of Tribal Print

In the past I have often avoided wearing prints. It’s unfortunate, because there have been prints that I’ve loved but always figured were either too loud and flashy or I simply just didn’t feel comfortable wearing for one reason or another.

But when I found this top. Oh… It was love at first sight. Its bright, daring color, bold tribal print, soft jersey fabric and cold shoulder detail had me weak with wardrobe lust. I knew I had to make it mine. So I did; and no sooner had I picked it up, I started to doubt my new acquisition.

The internal questioning commenced, as it always does. Is it too much? Will people stare at me and think “wow, it takes a whole lot of print to cover THAT body”, or worse yet, will they say it? I couldn’t beleive how fearful I was simply over the idea of wearing a pattern that I liked. I thought to myself, how sad is it that I would even contemplate not wearing something that I loved so much because I was worried about people thinking I looked stupid, ugly or extravagant? And the worst part was, it was me who was making up the hypothetical insults in my own head! I just couldn’t let myself be controlled by my own negative ideas of how others would perceive me this time. I went for it, and I’m so happy I did.

For me, this is more than just a print, more than just a garment. It is an accomplishment – a celebration of how I put my self-doubt and self-bashing thoughts aside and wore something just because I loved it. What an empowering feeling!

In this top I channeled the beauty and stength of the tribes that inspired it and conquered my own negative thoughts, even if only for a moment; but a glorious moment it was.

Top – Penningtons
Leggings- Addition Elle
Boots – Spring