An Open Letter To The Woman Who Tried To Make Me Feel Ashamed Of My Body

Dear woman who tried to shame my body today,

There are a few things I’d like to say to you — a few things that I think you need to know; and I will lace my words with an excessive amount of photos of my glorious bod in a hot pink, see-through dress and bright red bikini, because I think it would do you good to see more of the body you decided to pick apart on social media today. 

As a blogger, in one of my weekly contributions to another blog, I was asking followers to help me pick between three outfits that I chose for an upcoming date night with my husband. I think I looked really cute in all of them, for the record — and, sometimes a girl just wants a little feedback! 

Anyway, you told me that “[my] belly sticks out,” that my shirt is “making [my] butt look larger” and that “[b]urgundy pants are not for [me]” because they “[s]how[] the cellulite in my legs.”


I answered you so politely when you criticized body. I told you that “I love my belly, my big butt, and my cellulite, as does my hubby! They’re part of me — no need to hide them! 😊 It’s not about looking thinner. The beauty of body acceptance is learning to love our flaws! ❤️”

You’re welcome to disagree with my view points and clothing choices all you want, but never once did I mention anything about your thoughts on my outfits. I also didn’t get upset… In fact, I think I gave a pretty polite and friendly response that spoke only of how I wasn’t ashamed of my body parts that you seemed to feel weren’t attractive. 

You, a plus size woman yourself, stated that you were entitled to your opinion, then proceeded to tell me that loving my body was a copout because I am too lazy to try to better myself and my health. (Really, you said it!) 

When I, again very politely, explained that I am in very good health, and wished you would realize that your comment was judgemental and uncalled for, you said that I must not be as secure as I claim to be because I was being defensive and over-sensitive. 

You told me there is classy and trashy, and that you guessed I had made my choice. You also reminded me, in case I had forgotten since your previous comment, that you had a right to your opinion. 

So, now, not only did you try to shame my body and my lifestyle, but you also went and called me trashy. 


You went on to say that that you had balls, and stood by your opinion… And that I shouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t like it — somehow believing that it is your right to police my body, call me names, be blatantly rude, and that, because I have a blog, I’m not supposed to call you on it. 

Others jumped to my defence, but you attacked them too, and laughed at the whole situation, referring to a comment I had posted for someone else, explaining to them how taking back the word ‘fat’ had empowered me.

I politely excused myself from the conversation, stating that your perseverance was admirable, that you had so much potential, and I wished you could have used it to uplift your fellow women rather than tear them down. 

Soon after, your comment was removed. Obviously nobody was in agreement with your insults disguised as opinions, and false sense of entitlement… So, my apologies if the events may seem a little out of sequence, because again, your comment was deleted, which took all of your, my, and everyone else’s carefully crafted rebuttals with it, leaving me with only my tear-filled (sarcasm, in case you didn’t pick up on that) memories to refer to. You are entitled to your opinion, let’s just get that out of the way so you don’t have to say it again, but I will not let you believe, when you attack my body and character then accuse me of being insecure when I respond, that I can’t see right through your smug facade, to a woman who is filled with self-doubt, insecurity, envy and fear. 

I will also not allow you make me love myself any less than I did before reading your enlightening comments — in fact, they’ve made me love myself more! You see, when you show your true colours, and they’re dim, grey and muddy, they make mine shine much brighter. 


What you thought would stop me really just propelled me forward, and reaffirmed how important my blogging truly is. 


So what I’m really saying here, is thank you. Thank you for making me feel even more beautiful, secure, and important today. 

I know your intention was to make yourself feel better by trying to bring me down, so I’m sorry (not sorry) that I couldn’t help, but I would gladly love to offer you a compliment if you ever decide to actually post a profile picture of yourself one day. I’m sure you have all kinds of beauty that you just don’t see when you look in the mirror. 


And lastly, even though your attempts at hurting me failed miserably, I hope you come to understand that not everyone is as strong and confident as me. Not everyone will be able to take something wonderfully positive away from the experience of having a person try to publicly humiliate them; and not everyone will understand that your attempts at trashing their self-esteem, are really just projections of your own insecurities. 

Warmest regards, 
                            Cynthia xx

Dress, Zelie For She – here, or similar 

Bikini, Addition Elle – here 


  1. meg keene

    Hi Cynthia!!
    I am moved to tears right now..from sadness for that woman who tried to shatter your beautiful confidence, and out of joy for your response, truly admirable. I love checking out your blogs and latest fasions and i absolutely love your confidence!! It radiates right off my mobile phone screen. It’s it awesom and it really helps remind me of my beauty too..
    Thank you for blogging,

  2. chicarosita

    First, you look fabulous as always! HOT DAMN! Second, this sounds like the same self-titled plus-size woman that fat-shamed me months ago. I read this and kept thinking this sounds so familiar. Back then, I wasn’t in such a secure place. I was able to respond with a few comebacks advocating for body acceptance, but ultimately I felt very guilty for deleting and blocking their last comment. When I look back on the incident, I realized that I should not be the one having to feel this guilt. I have the right to remove myself from a conversation that turns really nasty, hurtful, and pointless. I love your response. It is so brilliant! Your pictures speak for themselves, and I am glad you shared this today. It’s that little jolt needed.

  3. May Graff

    You are so amazing. I have recently come across a similar path, when a woman I don’t know felt the need to publicly write to me I am not really pleased and confident with myself. I didn’t even know how to respond to that, and now you gave me an ideas 🙂

  4. Lucy Dorrington

    Beautiful post, Cynthia, so wonderfully worded. The clothing and fashion industry as a rule, do not favour, or even accept the plus size woman, or even the average-sized woman, really, if we’re honest. It is often a real challenge to be able to find beautifully fitting, flattering clothes in any ‘real’ sizes and you have a real talent for it. That is something most women (including your troll) are probably jealous of!

  5. Kimberly P

    You are fabulous. This post was incredible. If it doesn’t make your troll feel ashamed of herself nothing will. Keep doing what you are doing. 💜💙💚

  6. abbiosbiston

    What a sad person to have to make themselves feel better by tearing others down. We should unite in feeling deeply sorry for her that she has nothing in her life to make her happy and clearly hates herself which makes her feel jealous of others who can accept and love themselves with such joy. You are a truly classy lady and personal style (which you have in bucket loads) comes in all sizes.

  7. Claudia

    This reminded me of a situation I had with a friend from work, she is not as big as me but is a little overweight. She has her own body issues and I tried to teach her how to be more positive until she started attacking me constantly about how I am lying to myself if I pretend I’m happy at my weight, I’m keeping away from her and the other girls from work don’t get it causes they are not fat so I was starting to doubt myself but you reminded me I have the right to ignore a person who is toxic to me.

  8. May

    Beautifully written Cynthia! I just love how everyone gets so brave behind their screens and thinks it’s okay to shame others and try to get away with it by saying they’re entitled to their opinion. There’s a big difference between being malicious and giving your opinion on something someone never even asked for. Bravo for standing up for yourself. This post is two thumbs up and you look beautiful!

  9. BrendaM

    I subscribed to your blog because I am short and fat and like to dress appropriately (for me) for my size. I saw your first post for Penningtons and just by looking at the first picture I could see that you were comfortable in your body and confident in wearing the outfits that you put together – which are awesome, by the way. Shame on this woman for, first of all, subscribing to your blog if she did not see this, and for criticizing you. Even if I would not wear some of the outfits you do (because, either, I would not be comfortable in them or mainly because I cannot wear the shoes that help make the outfit) I still gain some extra confidence in seeing others who can. Thank you for this blog, I look forward to seeing every new ensemble that you put together.

  10. Lulue

    Hello, Je vais devoir écrire en français parce que je ne trouve pas tout le vocabulaire in english… Je précise que certains passages m’ont échappés mais je pense avoir bien compris le sens général! hihi! Je suis heureuse d’avoir lu ton article … étre ronde est encore et toujours considéré comme une tare, un signe de malnutrition, de paresse, de honte, de maladie ou de mort. Alors être ronde et selfconfident est injustifiable aux yeux de la plupart des gens… famille, connaissances, minces, jeunes, vieux…etc. Mais ce qui me navre le plus c’est l’intolérance des gros envers leur semblable. Tu n’as pas le droit d’être heureux si je ne le suis pas! Quand l’esprit sera capable de se renverser? Si tu es heureux… je PEUX l’être moi aussi! Et moi je suis un peu plus heureuse quand je te retrouve rayonnante et je rayonne à mon tour! 😉
    Glamoureusement!!! <3 <3 <3

  11. jw

    I am very short and have trim legs and for the most part arms. I am extremely busty and have a very large belly that hangs a little I was loving your photos and was wondering if you ever have a problem with showing too much inappropriate (read parts of your pubic area or the side of your belly showing in the leg hole)skin when wearing bikini bottoms because your legs are too small for the leg holes and your belly hangs down a bit. I am looking for something that gives me coverage but it also beautiful and sexy.

  12. Carol Ann Forbes

    Dear Cynthia, I have battled my weight for years, and have tried to base my worth on my weight. No more. Thank you for my new freedom.

  13. Annie Cargirl

    The only concern I have with what you’re wearing in these photos is….do you have lots of sunblock on? You’re so pale, and being a pale child myself, I know how fast our sensitive skin can burn in the sun. Please wear lots of sunblock. Sunburns are bad, and skin cancer is worse. 😉

  14. Sarah

    I truly love your blog, Cynthia. I adore the confidence you have in yourself and the way you rise above those who just can’t seem to get there because of their own issues. I struggle daily to accept the body I find myself in and reading your blog helps me so much more than just looking at your gorgeous outfits. The joy your have just radiates through your words. I hope one day this person who attacked you comes to realize that you can never build yourself up by tearing others down.

  15. geekycatlady13

    I am a self proclaimed fat chick and have been a big supporter of the body positive movement as well as working to gain that body positivity for myself. I had an almost opposite thing happen to me, however, and it truly distressed me. I commented on a blogger’s FB post that there have been times when I see a person much bigger even than myself and thought “At least I’m not that big.” And because of the body positivity I’ve seen and read, I realized how my negative thoughts were just as damaging even though I, myself, am fat. It was an epiphany for me. I wanted only to share that not all our thoughts are good, all the time, but we have the ability to recognize and change the way we think. Yet the person replied that people knew I was judging them and that wasn’t right and I was just a bad person for doing so. That bothered me so I tried reexplaining my point. Later, I was called out in a subsequent blog post by the person for being judgemental even though I identified as a fat person. I’ve never been fat shamed like so many people, but I know what it’s like to be attacked and ridiculed. And that made me feel worse than any of those times. I still respect the blogger and her message but I no longer follow or subscribe to her blog or page. I respect that you didn’t personally attack the person who was being a troll and that you express an understanding of her behavior, inappropriate as it was. I learned the hard way that sometimes what we say isn’t what someone hears. Hopefully this person was actually listening.

  16. Zoey

    As An upcoming model your words give me inspiration from all the haters and non believers out there. They believe big cant be beautiful and I am here to say and show the world it can be. Plus size modeling is on the raise and whether I make it big or not I can say maybe just maybe I gave someone else hope the way you have. I get slandered and my name drug thru the mud, called names, because not only am I a model I am an author and owner of a publishing company. I hear that no self righteous author or publisher would pose in boudoir poses, implied nudity, I have even done gore, horror, and vampire shoots. But I want to be diverse and so the world that just because you are a big girl doesnt mean you cant do it all. And I have to ask where did you get that fab bikini!!!!

    Thank you for inspiration and it means so much to me!!!


  17. shaz

    What an incredible and heartfelt blog. You look so beautiful and confident. Your personality shines through your style.

  18. torridboudoir

    Fabulous!! Loving that suit too! If you’re ever in Austin, TX, I would love to shoot a boudoir session with you! XOXO

  19. torridboudoir

    Fabulous!! And I LOVE that suit too! If you’re ever in Austin, TX, I’d love to do a boudoir session with you! XOXO

  20. corrine

    My saying is haters will always hate but you are beautiful inside and out I love the fact you’re not afraid to show those curves I am a plus size girl myself & could never do it but you go girl show the haters of the world who you really are

  21. reticulatedwriter

    I saw your photo and blog post on my Facebook feed because a friend liked it. My 4-year-old granddaughter was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled, and she said, “Look at that pretty princess!” So we clicked on through to your blog and looked at your photos. She said, “She’s so pretty. What’s her name? I want to meet her.” She did have one criticism of the swimsuit photos. She thinks your suit should be pink, because all clothing should be pink. 🙂

    Blog on!

  22. Nicholin

    Hi Miss Cynthia… Thank you for standing up for yourself so beautifully, gracefully and succinctly.
    Your pictures are lovely!!
    I also want to say thank you, because I would be one of those girls that would fall apart with that kind of veiled poison.
    Lastly thank you for being YOU!!

  23. Amy

    I heart you so friggen hard right now. Wow! You are fierce and feisty and you absolutely called that poor, self-hating woman to the carpet on her BS. I love it. I only hope she sees this and learns from it.

  24. April Miller

    You are absolutely beautiful !!!
    Its a shame that some people hold their opinions as they do material things.
    You my dear… are the “free one”.
    I admire and respect the person you are !!!

  25. Words of Weight

    This is beautiful and strong. thank you for sharing it. I work hard to love myself in a world filled with hate. I an so grateful for such strong and confident role models like you. Thank you.

  26. cptmorgana

    Wow, i saw your post through the ladyvoluptuous facebook page and i love your style and your confidence. I wish i will have your confidence one day ………
    Thank you for showing me i should believe in myself and my looks.

  27. Elaine Gregory

    First time I have seen any of your blogs. Good for you girl that you have the confidence that some other ladies lack. I have battled with my weight my whole adult life and it has taken a while for me to not have a downer on myself. It’s a shame that another woman feels they have the right to judge anyone else. You carry on lady and [email protected] ’em xx ♥

  28. Sherri

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt blog! I am very proud of you as a woman, not just a plus size woman but a woman!! I myself being plus size and raised in the south, women of my size don’t wear certain things, don’t do certain things… It’s kinda like we have our place and we shouldn’t dare step out of that place. So having said that I am so impressed with your sense of self esteem and freedom to be who you are! I only wish that I could be as free and as proud of who I am, but so many instances have calloused me from being that way. I remember being at the beach one day with my mom and aunt, I was in a one piece suit enjoying the day with my family. I look up at the water and there is a family playing and what I can only assume is the mom and her friend. They were in there bikinis, and they looked beautiful, and I wish that they would have enjoyed their family time and allowed me to enjoy mine… But no… I look up and they are pointing at me laughing and taking photos, talk about destroying what was supposed to be a fun girls weekend for me and my family! I just don’t and never will understand the point of laughing at someone else’s expense, do you not have anything else better to do but look and make fun of me?! Really making fun of plus sized women is the only form of prejudice that is still acceptable! So to all of the women out there who are proudly being that positive role model for the rest of us… Thank you! I appreciate it more than you know! ❤️

  29. emma witt

    You look terrific …. Love your words – and am sure she isn’t really worth them 😉 … but am also sure they struck hearts where needed. Wish the world were filled with folks who were comfortable with themselves… it would be a much nicer place. Thanks for leading the charge. Blessings.

  30. Gaynell Justice

    Thank you for the lovely testimony to your courageous self. It gave me confidence in my own body. You are a beautiful lady. I only wish I had your confidence. I always admire that in any woman of any size. Would like to follow your blog but am not computer savy so don’t know how to subscribe. Keep on keeping on .👏👏👏💋💋💋

  31. Pluslove

    This was wonderful, several of my favorite bloggers posted this including the chunky girl comics. I really adore your confidence and self love. I was just at the beach today hidden in a sweatshirt and shorts. And suddenly I had an epiphany and just took off the jacket and jumped into the water. I can’t let my fear of what others think rule my life. The only way I ever learned this stuff or can be reminded of it is through these blogs and stories of women who persevere through the hate. You have all taught me to love my self. And now you just remind me how. THANK YOU so so so much. Don’t stop, never stop. And I honestly think you are beautiful, and you just proved that you are beautiful inside too. I can’t wait to go read your older posts and your future ones. New fan!

  32. Ellen

    There will always be toxic people who hate themselves, and only feel better when they try to bully and belittle other people. I admire your confidence. I dress for comfort, and a bikini for me would just not be comfortable. But I don’t care what other people think of me. My husband thinks I’m sexy, and I know I am. Sexy is an attitude, not a size. And you certainly have that attitude. 🙂

  33. Tanis

    Well said , I am proud of you, and for the record, I love your pink silky dress, and your red bikini, . oh , la la, sexy,,, one hot mama, .. sad people cannot see into a persons heart or soul and see who we really a
    re. I blame media and tv shows, magazines, etc, you know the drill, .. but again, if people could only see with the eyes of good intention and love, bless you <3


    Fuck Yeh!

    Also…..nails…perfection girlfriend.

    Sister stand up and if haters get cold in the shadow you cast its their fault for not stepping into the light.

    Beautiful. X

  35. twynya

    Hi Cynthia!
    There was and still is a huge smile on my face from your letter. Fighting negative ignorance with positive enlightenment is a strong and empowering way to live and be and it’s the mission behind the birth of my plus size lingerie store. I absolutely loved what you wrote and showed in support of it. It’s refreshing to see! Thank you! 🙂

  36. Lori Wiesner

    Gorgeous! I’m of similar build to you and finally got up the courage to wear a two-piece swimsuit…it’s awesomely liberating! Your response is perfect and you are fabulous.

    • phishbambaataa

      idk about others, but a traditional bikini is uncomfortable (i.e wedgies) and the little bra strings hold none of my 38H sized breast at all….

      • Gypsy

        Damn! Right on! You Madame are epic. please continue to convince larger women to accept that it is possible to be drop dead gorgeous and large.

        ~a runt who likes to Cook and snuggle

    • Janelle

      I love the red dress, and the positive attitude. To Kitty who asked why big girls don’t wear regular bikinis, for me it is a matter of support not about how much skin is exposed. I dress for my comfort.

    • Demi

      I think “Fatkinis” are a throw-back to the fifties and are currently kind of a trend overall. But, I would like to see more women in “bikini-style” bikinis if they’re comfortable in them. That would really make a statement 🙂

    • Brittany

      Yes, bikinis don’t provide any support and the cups aren’t big enough to hold my breasts inside. I don’t mind showing skin but Id rather not have a boob fall out for the world to see. The low rider bottoms aren’t good for me at all either because they tend to roll down when you have a belly and by roll down, I mean basically showing your butt and potential lady bits as well. Wedgies, pinching my hips, just not comfortable at all.

      • Jax

        Lane Bryant makes great larger cup sized bikinis. I own 3 and opt out of the “catkin I” bottoms and just wear regular ones. Not string though lol that’s gross even on skinny girls.

    • Sandy

      “Fatkini” is just a spin on the word bikini, it’s not a certain style of bikini. (I wouldn’t hate it if the word “fatkini” went away all together, to be honest. Fatties don’t need -another- qualifier for our clothing.) If you are referring to the long tops/high-waisted bottoms, well, that’s just the way larger swimsuits are made. “They” don’t make those tiny tops and bottoms for fat women because “they” don’t want to see us in them.

      Besides that, a lot of us larger fatties need more support than the tiny bikinis provide, especially in the bust. It’s why I stick to bra-like tops and “skirtini” bottoms.

      • Brooke

        actually does make string bikinis up to 12X and there are people out here who do want to see us in them! Maybe not everyone but there are people. 🙂

  37. Vj Washington

    Sounds like she (the troll) needs a check up from the neck up! IMHO, you are rockin’ that whole ensemble! From the hair to the toes….it’s ON! Self-hating BBWs/Plus size women/”fatties”/Women of Size are the WORST! It’s as if they have -JOY in their being, so they try to extend that -JOY to other women of size. You radiate with positivity and that makes some uncomfortable, especially if they don’t love themselves…..Your response is on point and KEEP ON DOING YOU!!! In solidarity…..

  38. Molly

    Girl, you are a gorgeous woman, made more beautiful by your amazing attitude about life. It’s taken me years but I’m starting to accept and love that I’m not a small girl anymore, and that’s perfectly ok. It’s hard, but women like yourself inspire me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, so thank you. Also, your hair is fabulous! Keep up looking lovely in whatever makes you feel comfortable, it has a more positive impact on more people than you’ll ever know =)

  39. Christina

    All I want to know is where are these shoes from!! Cute!!!

    And I wish confidence oozed from me like you strutting your stuff with no shame…. Beautiful!

  40. Pita Elita

    I’m jumping on this bandwagon late, this is the first blog I’ve ever joined. I only have one thing to say..holy moly where did you get those awesome outfits. You look amazing and I’m jelly!

  41. maybliss2014

    Awesome post! I LOVE the combination of you calling out this person on her judgmental comments while simultaneously showing off your fierce bikini pics!!

  42. Juliann Rose

    I think/know/feel YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN!!! I too am fat and love myself completely! As everyone should… Fat or skinny…A friend of mine posted this article on my Facebook wall… Probably because we look somewhat alike and our love for ourselves are spot on…I will be following your blog…Peace Love and Light ❤

  43. lolita

    You are too fine, just like me, all I see is good! But some people just can not understand our fabulousness! I Love me and when I step out, my head is up, my but pushed out, breast pushed up, I look dam good. I Love You and your style!!!

  44. kelli

    Lady…..I applaud you! You’re gorgeous! Rock it!

    Next, I need that pink dress! Point me in the right direction???

  45. Kristen

    Holy smokes I need that red dress. I would say we are close to the same shape and size (though photographs are deceiving).

    I have no doubt your in good health. My own Dr is always shocked that my blood pressure is on point. My cholesterol is in range. My heart is like a mac truck, my mind a steel trap. …it just so happens so is my stomach.

    I like food. /shrug.
    I’m HAPPY though. Have a great relationship with my husband of 22 years. Great job, awesome house, I live and like my life (which is more than I can say for haters)

    You do you, I’ll do me, and they can try to love themselves. (High fives all around)

    (Side note, your pixie cut had given me ideas! Fellow ginger!)

  46. Alice

    You look wonderful! Your confidence makes you even more beautiful and the very classy way you handle the situation, well you got it going on girl! I wish that I was as confidant and as comfortable in my skin as you are. I could learn a lot from you. Beautiful woman.

  47. Ann

    You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! You handled that with such dignity without ever resorting to the level of the bully. You look amazing in all of your pictures and your positive attitude is infectious! Love and light, sweet girlie xoxo

  48. Bain

    I love that you threw in LOTS of photographs. I also love this quote: “when you show your true colours, and they’re dim, grey and muddy, they make mine shine much brighter.” Thank you for sharing this.

  49. April

    What some people don’t realize some people are big because of health issues and can’t lose weight…I have struggled with PCOS for years and no matter how healthy I eat or exercise the weight stays. I applauded you for your post and you look beautiful. Rock that body

    • Laina

      I also suffer with PCOS and know exactly what you’re talking about in reference to the not being able to lose weight thing! I just wanted you to know that I totally feel ya and ur not alone! It really sux!

  50. Annie Mills

    I love your bikini! I like the shoes too but the first thing I look at is arch support and think my feet would be hurting after a few hours.☺️

  51. Juanita

    Firstly, you’re gorgeous. Secondly, screw her phat is beautiful. Being a larger woman myself, I sometimes do feel ashamed of my body, I know I’m beautiful, I know my boyfriend lives me, and I know that my internal beauty shines through. But occasionally, when I’m out shopping, or getting groceries, I feel as though people stare at me, and I’ve even heard some very rude hushed comments. Your boldness gives me hope that one day I will wake up and feel beautiful, and that I will peek in my self love. Not self-worth but love. Thirdly your nails while beautiful are very unhealthy. Acrylics are so extremely aweful for your nails health. They are really pretty though 🙂 and so are you!

  52. kati

    I love your suit – you look amazing in all these pictures – your sense of style is spot-on & your blog response is the epitome of grace. rock on! 🙂

  53. Millie54

    You could not be one bit cuter if you tried. Thank you for showing off your “tiger stripes” on your tummy; most of us have them, it’s okay to show them! Plus, I’m very envious of your gorgeous bracelet!!

  54. rachelkeyte1970

    “You see, when you show your true colours, and they’re dim, grey and muddy, they make mine shine much brighter. ” – Love love love this, you gorgeous and amazing woman.

  55. Christina Clawson

    I so loved your reply to such a crappy poster. I wish people would hold their tongue if they don’t have anything nice or constructive to say. I’m a larger (345lbs) woman and I strut my stuff all over the place and don’t care and I get comments and looks but I’m happy being me. I run, play tennis, and swim all the time and I think I look damn good too doing it. I wish people would stop fat shaming or thinking they have the right to judge others for their body imperfections. None of us are perfect, thin or fat, and we all need to learn to be less critical and judgmental. You go girl. I am so glad I found your blog and Facebook page. I just liked it and I look forward to seeing more from you! You are gorgeous by the way and your hubby is a super lucky man! Any of those three outfits are adorable but I really liked the dress the most! =D

  56. Dede

    Love that swimsuit. The top seems to fit well and not bite into you or pinch.
    If you are comfortable in your body,then show what you want. There are no laws against it. People can look the other way if they can’t handle it.
    Be happy!!!!!

  57. Tara

    I literally have NOTHING to add to your blogpost. And the fabulous pics of you were just the delicious icing on the cake. Keep it up girl :*

  58. Leah

    Yaaaaassssssss! You look killer in that bikini, and I love that you have your tiger stripes out too. Like I said before, that woman is such a bleeping bleep who thinks she’s Joan Rivers’ replacement. Sucks to be her.

    There’s giving someone your opinion, and then there’s being cruel and nasty. And she had the bare faced cheek to call YOU trashy? I think she needs to look in the mirror next time she makes a statement like that.

    Keep on rocking it. P.S. I love the earrings and dress, aaaaand bikini. Can I steal your wardrobe? 😉

  59. Laina

    First of all ur a hottie with a rockin body! Secondly I think it’s even more irritating when another big person (but especially a bbw) tries to body shame someone of size! We have enough headache from a society of people who aren’t big tryina shame us and tell us we don’t deserve to live because of the way we look! Apparently she’s never heard the saying, “That’s the pot calling the kettle black”! Awesome response though! I couldn’t have said it better myself! Also loved all the gorge pics of yourself thrown in! Hahaha I really appreciated the point you made about how her failed attempts to throw shade on you are just a reflection of her own insecurities! #preachthat #realtalk #keepinit100 #onpoint #iknowthazzright #truedat

  60. Marie-louise

    Love u! Thanx for so brilliantly putting her into place. I’m a plus size lady aswell and love my body. I’m not plus size because i’m unhealthy of choose to be this way, i’m plus size because its in my genes. All you haters should look in the mirror, because you are not perfect either! God bless you!!!

  61. Kat Kazoo

    Such power! such beauty! you are truly an inspiration! PS, love that dress and that bikini! Where did you find one that was so flattering???!?! I love that it was well fitting, I myself a chunky girl. I hate when bra straps on the sides end up folding up into my fluff. That however just sat beautifully! that lady was nuts to insult you. You clearly shine! keep shining! <3

  62. Laura Wise

    You are so awesome. I wish I had your confidence. I spend a lot if time trying to hide myself from the world. You are so amazing

  63. RONI

    Wow what an amazing response to an sad individual’s comments. You are truly and inspiration and an AMAZING woman. You are an inspiration to me. YOU ROCK!!!

  64. From The Pews

    Found your blog via my sisters’ comments on a tee pic on Instagram. So very glad they led me to you!

    I am proud of your strength! Your courage! But above all I am quite envious that you have embraced the inherent dignity and self-worth that we all possess and should realize.
    Perhaps one day we women will unite and destroy the vast amount of lies that society has spewed for so long in regards to our value (sexual, superficial, fleeting, etc.).
    Thank you for blogging but above all thank you for your inspiring love!!!
    God Bless 💖💖💖

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