The Rainbow Loom Fever

rainbow loom
Have you all heard of Rainbow Loom? Well, if you have grade school aged kids, unless you’re living under a rock, you have.

For those of you who haven’t, let me break it down for you; it’s a set that comes with a plastic loom, a crochet type, plastic hook and about a million and one little, tiny elastics to be woven together to make jewelry etc.

It has become so popular that even Jimmy Kimmel is talking about it; asking parents to send in their children’s creations for his “loom suit”.  Ha.

Anyway, the Rainbow Loom fever is definitely running rampant in our house and I have a wrist full of bracelets, carefully crafted by my kids (and admittedly, one by me) to show for it.  The best part is, they’re actually really cool as far as kiddie crafted jewelry goes; the downside, I fear that I will be picking up little elastics for the next five years.  Oh well…  At least it keeps ’em quiet!


  1. Abbi

    These look like the elastics that I used to have to attach to my braces, which we also used for a multitude of other things like making hundreds of little braids in our hair and tying them off.

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