Black & Blue

As much as I love color, there is just something so easy to me about wearing blue jeans with a black top.  It’s definitely my comfort zone; but who doesn’t like to be comfortable!?

And while we’re on the topic of comfort, let me just take a moment to talk to you about Hush Puppies.  These shoes are amazing!  I could literally stand all day and not feel a thing in these (ok, not literally; but you know what I mean).  This pair have a pretty little ruffle that I just love and they work so well into a casual daytime look.  Paired with a flowy, black chiffon, peasant style blouse from Penningtons and a cute pair of skinnies from Addition Elle, rolled up to expose the great bright blue underneath which I just couldn’t let go to waste, these shoes are the perfect accessory to assure that I look stylish, relaxed and feel comfortable all day long.



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