Just Peachy

Just Peachy

This weekend I did something crazy. I went out wearing pastel peach chiffon in the middle of winter and there was nothing anyone could do about it!

Gone are the days of limiting winter wardrobes to dark, drab colors; and while I’m all for the perfect little black dress anytime, I love to bring something unexpected to the party.

This exquisite, tiered dress from Laura Plus did just that, and it did it with class. A sexy silver heel from Aldo, Swarovski crystal encrusted accessories, side-swept hair and soft, classic makeup gave the look an old world Hollywood feel – glamorous and elegant.

I felt like Marilyn Monroe (with bigger hips) and I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I walked by. In the past I would have shied away from being noticed; but now I am confident enough to realize that they were looking because I was someone worth seeing, someone they thought was beautiful.

I left the party, heels dangling from my finger tips, feeling as peachy as my dress and with a warm, fuzzy feeling that I won’t soon forget.


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