The Beauty of Black & White

The Beauty of Black & White

When I see myself in a black & white photo, when the lighting is just right and I’m looking elegant and fabulous, I secretly wish that color didn’t exist and that I could look like this every moment of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love color; but there is something to be said for the timeless elegance of a great black & white shot! Not only do they camouflage a multitude of pigment related sins (like my rosacea) effortlessly, but the right B & W photo, with the contrast tweaked just perfectly, has this way of making anyone look like an old time Hollywood movie star.

There is a certain mystique – a curiosity about old photographs that I have long been fascinated with. What color was her dress? I wonder what color lipstick that was? Do you think it was red? Yes, red, it must have been red…

So add a little old world glamour to your selfie repertoire! Play around with your black & white photo editing options and let your inner Hollywood shine through!


    • Cynthia Ramsay Noel

      I agree, for the most part, but, sometimes all you have to remember a moment is a brassy photo taken under a halogen fixture, showcasing your bright pink cheeks which are at this point clashing with your bright red top (which looked good on you before the roast beef went in the oven and everyone arrived, raising the temperature in the kitchen to the equivalent of a July day in Arizona at noon)… Why not just PRETEND it’s a great one? Throw a black & white filter on that bad boy and nobody ever has to know! 😉

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